A local cannabis shop in the heart of Easthampton, MA.

Our Mission

We strive to provide not only the best cannabis but also support our local community. The Verb is Herb is the only cannabis shop in downtown Easthampton and our commitment to not only being good neighbors, but also providing quality products is what makes us unique. We look forward to welcoming you soon to the Verb is Herb.


Friends & Family

Here at The Verb is Herb, we value our relationships with friends, family, co-workers and all customers. Smiles add value to our face. Love adds value to our heart. Respect adds value to our behavior. And, friends and family add value to our life.  

The Verb Visits Revolutionary Clinics

The Verb is Herb visits Revolutionary Clinics’ Cultivation & Manufacturing Center in Fitchburg, MA. We were invited and hosted by Gregory Boerman, Wholesale Sales Manager at Rev Clinics. Greg took us on amazing tour and showed us some of their grow and the process of making such premium products. It was a wonderful time at a great facility with friendly staff and great vibes! We value our partnership with Revolutionary Clinics and we proudly offer a majority of their products at our store. 


Good Neighbor Policy

The Verb is Herb has a good neighbor policy to be respectful and minimize disruption to the community. Customers are kindly asked not loiter outside the store, on Cottage Street. Public consumption of cannabis in or around the store is strictly prohibited. Our employees will serve the community through a variety of volunteer and charitable projects.


Customers are directed to park in the free municipal parking lot at 50 Payson Ave and in free on-street parking along Adams, Union, Clark, and Cottage Streets. Parking is limited along Cottage Street, and customers are recommended to use the city lot for quick in-and-out access, especially during peak hours.

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